The Shadowfell

Into the Village
John Blow and Therai the Phantom arrive in Winterhaven.

Following an urgent request from Theryssa Staul to assist in discovering the whereabouts of her missing husband, Therai the Phantom and John Blow the Ranger made their way from the east, down the King’s Road, to travel to the town of Winterhaven where the Stauls have long resided.

Along the King’s Road, the two were ambushed by a pesky brigade of kobolds consisting of five minions, and two dragonshields. The duo began by ruthlessly bringing death upon a couple of the minions who never even had a chance to reach them. Upon seeing this, the dragonshields began their assault. John Blow delivered the pain, tearing apart the scortum of one of the dragonshield attackers with two of his well-placed arrows. The dragonshield fell to his knees with both hands on his crotch, grimacing in pain. Therai, chased by minions, delivered death to each in due time, winking at them and remaining in good spirits all the while. Meanwhile, John Blow went head to head with the remaining dragonshield, each bloodying the other (the dragonshield fought all the more fiercely, for John Blow had shot two well-placed arrows straight into his face). The whole affair came to its conclusion when the Phantom approached the dragonshield from behind and delivered a critical eldritch blast, tearing apart the dragonshield.

The duo then proceeded into the town of Winterhaven, where they met with Theryssa. She gave them a bit more information about Douven’s disappearance, and offered them some gold (which the two heroes chivalrously refused). Although Theryssa offered the two a place to stay the night in the form of her own home, they sought more information about Douven and the village of Winterhaven at Wrafton’s inn. After a terribly unsuccessful attempt at conversation with Ninaran, the loner elf, conversation was made with Salvana Wrafton, the inn’s owner. Therai fooled Salvana into believing he was “Therimilius” an “emissary of the Kingdom of Guadalajara.” Salvana called over Lord Ernest Padraig, who likewise fell for this bluff. However, Valthrun, aptly called “the Prescient”, took issue with this claim, as he knew there to be no such place as “the Kingdom of Guadalajara.” A back-and-forth over this issue ensued, with Valthrun leaving the inn in a fit of rage, and John Blow the Ranger following close behind. After unsuccesfully attempting to convince Valthrun that Therai was not only a liar, but a murderer of children in their homeland of “the Kingdom of Guadalajara”, the Ranger attempted to intimidate Valthrun, kicking him in through the entrance of his tower. The Ranger attempted to refrain from harming Valthrun, but a furious Valthrun responded with his magic missile. The quick-footed ranger dodged this, and after a moment of neither being able to harm the other, Valthrun imposed upon John Blow to return with him to Wrafton’s inn and inform Lord Padraig of what he claimed the truth of the matter was with Therai the Phantom (who was now known as “Therimilius” to Valthrun and the Lord of Winterhaven). After some back and forth in the inn’s tavern, Lord Padraig decided that a compromise would be best. “Therimilius” claimed to be an emissary from a foreign kingdom, and Lord Padraig could not offend potential trade partners when the economy of Winterhaven was so stifled by the village’s recent kobold problem, nor could he turn his back on his trusted advisor Valthrun, who was concerned about the presence of the strangers in Winterhaven.

Thus, the two were quartered in Wrafton’s inn, with guardsmen of the Winterhaven Regulars standing outside their door.


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