Welcome to our first campaign, The Shadowfell:

You’ve each received the sort of letter no one wants to receive. Your old friend, hero, and mentor Douven Staul has gone missing, his wife Theryssa writes. The old man discovered a map some time ago that seemed to point the way to the tomb of a once-living dragon. Douven’s wife is distraught, and has had no choice but to write to Douven’s most hardened friends. She begs you to come and find out what has happened to her husband. Where could your mentor be, you might wonder. Could he have found a dragon’s treasure hoard? Is he alive and well, is he dead, has someone taken him? Has he interfered with some force, mortal or far beyond the realm of mortals? Play and find out.

News and Announcements

  • Next game: TBA
  • From now on, new players can join the campaign at any point. Also, players can miss games and will receive same XP as everyone else, so they can jump into the campaign at any point.

The Shadowfell

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